Volume 7 Number 2 June 2006





 Editorial Statement

 Editorial introduction: trans/Asia, trans/gender
 Fran MARTIN and Josephine HO

 Trans-Selves and Trans-Feelings


The transgender world in contemporary Japan: male to female cross-dressers”¦ community in Shinjuku
Junko MITSUHASHI (Translated by Kazumi HASEGAWA)

Embodying gender: transgender body/subject formations in Taiwan      Josephine HO

Finding a voice, fighting for rights: the emergence of the transgender movement in Hong Kong    Robyn EMERTON

Sissies on-line: Taiwanese male queers performing sissinesses in cyberspaces     Dennis C. LIN

Of borders and homes: the imaginary community of (trans)sexual citizenship   Aren Z. AIZURA

Sex Work in Asia from the Spot and Video Activism

Introduction: a moment and movement of sex work in South Korea and Asia      KO Gaphee

 I. Sex work in Asia and voices from the spot

Sex trade/sex work in Korea and Asia     KO Gaphee

Stigma of sex (marginal sexualities) and sex work (as base women”¦s work, historically)     DING Naifei

Journey of Kamjing     Chantawipa APISUK

Innovative approaches to combat trafficking of women in sex trade     Swapna GAYEN

A declaration     KIM Moonhee (Translated by KIM Young Mi)

II. Sex workers and video activism

Tales of the nightfairies: a filmmaker's journey
Shohini GHOSH

About Licensed Prostitutes Apocalypse, Our Life Saving Vinegar     Fang Ping WANG, Jung Che CHANG, and Zita CHENG

Mamasang: remember me this way
KIM Il-rhan and CHO Hyeyoung (Translated by KIM Hyojin)


Visual Essay
Munna Guru - portrait of a eunuch


Anti-WTO Movement in Hong Kong
The ”„battle of Hong Kong”¦ and implications for Asian social movements